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Company: History

The Company was founded in 2009 to build on the work done by Quercegen Pharma LLC whose know-how and patent portfolio was transferred to the Company. The Company’s main aim is to research and market Quercetin based products and other flavonoids and naturally sourced small molecules. Quercegen Agronegocios 1 LTDA, an affiliate of the Company, purchased the Natural Products Division of Merck SA, Brazil in 2009 and together with Quercegen Pharmaceuticals controls the agriculture, harvesting, purification, packaging and supply of Quercetin and certain other plant-based ingredients worldwide. This makes Quercegen a vertically integrated, “farm to table” operation.

Quercegen Pharmaceuticals together with its affiliates, partners and collaborators researches, develops, manufactures and markets proprietary formulations using plant-based functional ingredients. The Company has developed a number of nutritional supplements, and plans to ultimately sell branded botanical drugs and pharmaceuticals. The Company’s QU995™, The World’s Purest Quercetin™, has shown clinical benefits for maintaining wellness and improving physical and cognitive performance. As a result of extensive scientific studies, Quercetin has become an important new functional ingredient for the next generation of performance supplements, food and beverages.

The Company and its affiliates hold multiple patents for extraction, purification and synthesis of natural product small molecules. The Company also has many formulation, and user patents on combinations of other ingredients with its proprietary high purity Quercetin (QU995™). The Company’s patented combination of Quercetin, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C (QB3C™) boosts the natural bioavailability of Quercetin in circulating plasma thereby significantly enhancing its therapeutic benefits. Randomized double-blind clinical trials funded by the U.S. Department of Defense have demonstrated that the Company’s proprietary Quercetin formulations significantly reduce both the incidence and severity of viral illness following stress. In the future the Company intends to pursue FDA approval of clinical indications for proprietary ingredients and formulations that have potential implications for cancer, diabetes, and a broad range of inflammatory disorders.

The Company has assembled a Management Team and Scientific Advisory Board with world-renowned experts in their fields, and an excellent team of university-based researchers to rapidly bring cutting edge flavonoid discoveries to consumer markets. The Company is headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts.