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Natural Product Ventures

Natural Product Ventures

Quercegen Agronegocios, an affiliate of Quercegen Pharmaceuticals, purchased the Natural Product Division of Merck SA, Brazil in 2009. This acquisition resulted in Quercegen Pharmaceuticals becoming a fully integrated company with Quercegen Agronegocios controlling the agriculture, harvesting, purification, packaging and supply of Quercetin and certain other plant-based ingredients worldwide. For several decades the Company's predecessors Merck Brazil and Merck KgAa engaged in pre-clinical and clinical development of flavonoids. Quercegen Pharmaceuticals and Merck Brazil joined forces in 2003 and together developed a unique new extraction and processing method, which ultimately resulted in the Company's QU995™ food grade Quercetin. Today Quercegen Pharmaceuticals together with its affiliates, partners and collaborators, researches, develops, manufactures and markets proprietary formulations using plant-based functional ingredients. Quercegen Pharmaceuticals is a vertically integrated, "farm to table" operation.

Nutravail Technologies, an affiliate of the Company, is a world leader in the development of innovative delivery systems for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries, as evidenced by its strong relationships with many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare companies. With numerous patented delivery systems and manufacturing processes, Nutravail has the unique ability to deliver today’s functional and healthy ingredients in better tasting and more convenient formats, while enhancing potency and efficacy of other products with its patented encapsulation methods. Nutravail is a leading contract manufacturer for various soft chew products. Nutravail performs contract research for many pharmaceutical companies in the development of new soft chew and medicated chewing gum products.

SweetNature™ an affiliate of the Company, develops, grows and manufactures next generation low caloric natural sweeteners.