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QB3C and QU995

Science: QB3C and QU995

All Quercegen is NOT Equal

QU995™ is the ONLY Quercetin that has GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) Notified Status from the FDA. It is of the highest purity and is the only food grade Quercetin on the market.

Quercegen's QU995™ which contains 99.5% or greater purity of Quercetin uses multiple trade secrets in addition to a patented extraction and purification process and is generally accepted as The World's Purest Quercetin commercially available. Only Quercegen has domesticated and grows Uncaria on its farms in Brazil with high concentrations of Quercetin. It is then processed, purified, formulated and packaged in the Company’s own facilities. QU995™ achieved FDA GRAS Notified Status as of November 22, 2010, which allows its use in foods and beverages at certain levels, as opposed to limiting its use in dietary supplements. Don’t accept anything less than QU995™ Quercetin.

The Company has discovered that certain combinations of Quercetin, vitamins and other nutritional compounds can greatly increase Quercetin absorption and levels in the blood and assist in making Quercetin and the added ingredients more effective in promoting health and performance. The Company’s patented QB3C™ formulation platform promotes better absorption of Quercetin in plasma with a longer half-life and has been extensively tested in randomized clinical trials.