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Scientific Studies

Science: Scientific Studies

In independent clinical studies funded by DARPA (The United States “Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency”) and other institutions, the Company’s patented formulas have been shown to provide a wide variety of positive health effects including the statistically significant reduction of upper respiratory tract infection and viral illness, the reduction of heart disease risk factors, and improved cognitive reaction time following prolonged extreme exertion. In addition to working with DARPA, the Company has also collaborated with NASA (the “National Aeronautics and Space Administration”), CFD (Combat Feeding Directorate), USARIEM (The United States Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine), and AFRRI (the United States “Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute”), and WRAIR (The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research).

Results of studies on Quercetin have demonstrated important benefits in humans including statistically significant lowering of inflammatory markers after prolonged physical exertion, lowering of oxidative stress markers, improved performance in trained and untrained subjects, lowering of upper respiratory tract infection rates and lowering of CRP (a key heart disease marker) in athletes after extreme exertion.

In 2008, DARPA funded a direct viral challenge in animals using a highly pathogenic, H1N1 influenza virus to verify earlier data on reduction of upper respiratory tract infection (“URTI”) in humans. This is especially significant as the current Global Swine Flu Pandemic is caused by an H1N1 Influenza virus. The result was significantly lower morbidity and mortality in the Quercetin group than the placebo treated control animals.

Most importantly, in all human studies the Company has been involved in to date - including a trial with over 1000 human subjects - there have been no clinical adverse events or biochemical signs of toxicity.

Below is a quote from DARPA:

“DARPA researchers have identified a very safe, natural antioxidant – called Quercetin – and developed it into a new form that is now available to the military and the general public. Among Quercetin’s many potential benefits is illness prevention. In a randomized, placebo-controlled study, Quercetin helped prevent viral illnesses, like colds and flu, after physical exertion. Following a strenuous 3-day exercise routine, 50 percent of the control group became ill with colds and flu, whereas only five percent of the Quercetin supplemented group did. This important immune protective effect will help keep our warfighters healthy during training and deployment. Quercetin has been commercialized as RealFX Q-Plus™* soft chews, which are now available through several commercial vendors, as well as to all military personnel at a 50 percent discount.”

Dr. Tony Tether, Director, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Testimony Submitted to the Subcommittee on Terrorism, Unconventional Threats and Capabilities, House Armed Services Committee, United States House of Representatives, March 13, 2008. (*RealFX Q-Plus™ was rebranded as Q-Force™ in 2010)


“Quercetin exerts strong anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, anti-pathogenic, and immune regulatory effects in vitro and in animal-based studies. Epidemiological data indicates reduced rates of cardiovascular disease and various types of cancer in groups self-selecting diets high in Quercetin. Several recent supplementation studies in athletes have focused on Quercetin’s potential influences as a countermeasure to post-exercise inflammation, oxidative stress, and immune dysfunction, in improving endurance performance, and in reducing illness rates following periods of physiologic stress.”

David C. Nieman, DrPH, FACSM Director, Human Performance Lab
North Carolina Research Campus Professor, Appalachian State University

Quercegen’s world-renowned science team is continually collaborating on and pursuing clinical trials, and the Company will share data as it becomes published.